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Pic Saint Michel

Departure of the Colline des Bains. Follow the red marking n°8. Rise at the top of the Colline des Bains, take the direction of the high school, come down on the left and go back up on Tintaine. Then take the direction of the Bridge of Love. Cross the bridge then the direction Les Cochettes, set twice to the right before Cochettes and rise towards the Cote 1276. At the level of Les Plâtres, go down towards La Conversaria, then take the way of the GTV until the Pic Saint Michel via Font Froide (water source). After this place, take direction of the Col de l’Arc. Arrived at the Col de l’Arc take on the left in the direction of the Pic Saint Michel by a way on crests (the last 100 m in the Pic saint Michel are made in round trip). To lower by the Collet du Furon (cross-country ski run of les Allières), then to follow the Salière and the way of the canyon which goes back up at the level of the area of paragliding. Of Clot de Lans, set towards the right to come down on Les Issarts, then go to Les Nobles, then Les Lombards, cross the plain until Geymonds by the Via Vercors until Prenatier. Follow the traffic circle and take to the right the cycle track, pass in front of the medical house, Cross the road, take opposite up and take on the left a way to join the Colline des Bains. Do not borrow this route in case of bad weather, of thunderstorm or of fog!
Through our practice, it’s essential to respect the farmers’s work, other developers and the owners who welcome us on their grounds.
So that the herds do not escape, well to close all the electric fencings and not to damage them!
Also, not disturb the herds, greet the crossed people with a friendly "hello", and naturally return all your waste! Cut not routes through meadows, not peak screw!


日期 跑者 时间长度
Mer. 09 sept. Hugo M. 3:22:17
Mer. 09 sept. Hugo M. 3:22:18
Mer. 09 sept. Hugo M. 3:22:19
Sam. 05 sept. Nicolas k. 3:31:53
Sam. 05 sept. Nicolas k. 3:31:58
Dim. 23 aoû. Quentin F. 3:25:01
Mar. 02 oct. 2018 mh_hrd0pd3mvketz8ufak2f505 2:55:00
Dim. 01 juil. 2018 mh_17ulhgf8nyuj95m2s479dss 2:40:00
Sam. 23 juin 2018 mh_e2x9nih3wlmf2n4hq2j4z00 2:15:26
Dim. 27 mai 2018 mh_hbwiyfi4ts56s39wg0mvytk 3:27:00
Dim. 16 juil. 2017 Guillaume C. 4:04:12


Très beau parcours!!


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