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This is a circular route that affords a view of the whole Aralar mountain range. We take the PR which runs between Larraitz and the neighbourhood of San Martin de Amezketa as far as a cement track next to the Lizeaga farmhouse. We keep on this track until we reach a crossroads which is marked. At the crossroads we take the GR which leads us to Igaratza and, in the Arritzaga gorge, we begin to climb following the stream. This path, which constantly leads us upwards, is not at all steep and takes us to the San Miguel Sanctuary. We do almost all of the route through the centre of the ravine along a clear path; but when we reach the meadows high up, we need a GPS as it is not easy to see the path. After leaving Igaratza behind us we go back along the same path we came on; we immediately turn left and, after crossing the wide meadows, we reach Larraitz. In this section it is also necessary to find our bearings as it is often covered with mist and, if there is snow, it is even more difficult to see the right path. After crossing the area of Alotza, we come to the usual Larrunarri (Txindoki) path (PR-Gi 2005), down which we make our way to Larraitz.

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