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> > > > Electriciteit in Oisans (Circuit n°3)
Partners> Electriciteit in Oisans (Circuit n°3)
Het water en Oisans, een onlosmakelijk duo ! Van het begin van de hydroelectriciteit tot de stuwdam van Grand Maison en de momenteel belangrijkste hydroelectriciteitswerf van Frankrijk tussen Livet en Gavet in het hartje van de vallei van de Romanche.
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This almost 116 km circuit start in Bourg d'Oisans. This huge project, due to end in 2017, will replace the 6 power stations and 5 dams to increase the production of electricity by 30% and return the lovely Romanche River to its natural bed. With viewpoints and worksite explanations, a visit to the Maison Romanche Energies in Gavet, a visit to the EDF Hydrélec Museum in Vaujany and walks around the Grand’Maison dam, hydroelectricity continues to fascinate us. You can learn more about it by visiting the Musée de la Romanche in Rioupéroux, where the history of electricity and local industry is explained. On the road to Gavet, ↘one lookout point has been created enabling you to observe and understand the largest hydroelectric worksite currently in progress. It is located opposite the underground structures, as the entire production plant will be located underground. You can give your curiosity full rein in the ↘Maison Romanche Energies in Gavet, with its displays, films and news of the worksite and key stages. Following the history of electricity in Oisans will then take you to the ↘EDF Hydrélec Museum in Vaujany. From the first hydraulic wheels to the industrial age of electricity, remnants of turbines and old dynamos, everything is on display in the incredible review of this epic. The icing on the turbine is that the Hydrélec museum organises guided visits… in pedal boats. Once a week and not to be missed! Just above the museum, stop off at ↘the viewpoint to admire the Lac du Verney, before tackling the switchbacks of the Col de la Croix de Fer up to the imposing Grand’Maison dam. It also has a lovely lookout point, not to be missed. Afterwards, take the road up to the mountain passes of the Col de la Croix de Fer and the Col du Glandon, made famous by the Tour de France. The French cyclist, Richard Virenque, won acclaim here and the atmosphere surrounding these solitary passes is unforgettable. You can then drive on to the village of Saint Sorlin d’Arves and admire the church covered in wreaths made of glass beads and wrought iron. On your way back, stop off at the ↘Ibex centre (Maison du bouquetin) in Rivier d’Allemond. Displays show the adventures of this proud animal that was successfully reintroduced throughout the Alps. The museum on the upper floor has remnants and photos evoking the mysterious crash of a British military plane above Rivier d’Allemond in November, 1944, York Mallory. A hiking path leads to the scene of the drama. Finally, food lovers will not want to miss ↘ GAEC Chévrerie de l'Eterlou - the Ferme du Rivier, where they can taste their products. They raise their 50 goats and 6 cows in a traditional manner.

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