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> > > > Dokter JL Nusselein
Partners> Dokter JL Nusselein
Dokter gespecialiseerd in algemene geneeskunde. Sportdokter, traumatologie, radiologie, duiksportarts. In het centrum van het station en heel gemakkelijk bereikbaar.
The doctor does not do home visits, but you can go directly to his surgery without an appointment. He has digital x-ray apparatus and orthopaedic equipment is issued on-site. He is a "Sector 3" doctor, without a fixed French Social Security reimbursement, although the state does reimburse less than one euro for a consultation and 16% for x-rays. This reimbursement triggers supplementary and/or private health-insurance payments for patients with such cover (including policies provided by sports clubs - the FFS for skiing for example, the CAF, ski pass insurance and/or some bank cards and multi-risk insurance policies). Depending on the terms of these contracts, patients will be partially or fully reimbursed for the sums committed. In cases of universal cover, cover for immigrants, work accidents or occupational illnesses, patients must also pay the doctor's fee, which will be reimbursed later, according to the above-mentioned procedure. References:

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