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Happy winner of the trail trip with Martin Fourcade at the Espace Outdoor of Puigmal Pyrénées Cerdagne, Pauline shares with you her feedback and gives you her opinion as a trail runner !


  • What do you think of the concept of Trail Running resort and R-Bikes resort ?

The Trail Running and R-Bike resort are a great concept. The applications are very good to be able to move around on the tracks (despite the very good signposting!). Everything is clear and easy to use. 

  • How was the time shared in trail running with Martin Fourcade ?

It was a great experience with Martin. Despite the success, he is a very humble, simple and very approachable person. He took an interest in each of us and listened to us. 

The trail runniing was great,we were very lucky with the weather. I will do it again without any hesitation !

  • With 35 Trail Running Resorts and 20 R-Bikes Resorts in France, what and where will be your next sport destination ?

The next destination will be to discover the others areas of the Pyrenees like Luchon et Ossau, and the Trail Running Resorts in Spain such as Bergueda et Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) and why not Morocco !


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