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The frequency of beacons


The density of signs depends on the configuration of the path.

In order to avoid an overabundance of signs, we take care to install only those that are essential for the safety of the walker (discretion and efficiency!).

A well-marked forest path, with no forks or crossings, requires only one well-placed sign every 250 to 300 m to "reassure" the hiker.

A path intersected by logging tracks, a thatched path crossed by herd paths, a path through rocks, requires a tighter sign.

But whatever the condition of the trail, the signs are easily visible to the trainer, and the chosen location will need to be pruned.


If you come across a marker without a number on a route, it indicates the direction to follow.


Nevertheless, be careful with the markings, especially at crossings, and if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to use the app to geolocate yourself.

If you notice any damaged or missing beacons, do not hesitate to inform us by e-mail:  stationsdetrail@rossignol.com

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