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The idea
The natural environment is an exceptional and fragile environment. Numerous scientific studies carried out in recent years tend to prove the impact of nature sports practices on certain species. Some species are more sensitive to disturbance than others and must be the object of particular attention.

There is a real awareness of the threats to these species, not only among naturalists, but also among land managers and nature lovers who are very attached to the environment.

Numerous local initiatives have emerged, but there is no resource for promoting these initiatives and communicating them in a common way to sportsmen and women so that everyone can take ownership of the issues and knowledge.

There is a real desire among nature sports enthusiasts to preserve the natural environment, but sometimes a lack of information prevents them from taking environmental issues into account.

Finally, more and more people are practising a leisure activity in nature, and this in a more diffuse way in the environment, over longer periods and time slots.

The project
Biodiv'sports aims to disseminate information about the presence of sensitive wildlife on platforms that list itineraries in the natural environment with regard to leisure activities that can be practised in certain areas.

The project is based above all on local concerted action aimed at taking account of environmental issues in its practice and aims to make these approaches known to everyone via digital tools.

Each structure that has carried out this type of approach can be asked to enter a sensitive area via the tool developed. This information will be sent via a data stream to client platforms that wish to offer this information to their user community.

The dissemination of this information should make it possible to create a dialogue with users and to improve knowledge and consideration of wildlife in their activities.

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