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The Arranoaitz route begins at the Reception Point of the Trail Station in Anduetza.The trail starts off on local country roads, and then begins to climb up the mountain in the opposite direction to the Zegama-Aizkorri marathon. Once we reach the last farmhouse we leave the country path and follow a mountain path. Not much further up our path turns to the right away from the marathon descent. We then follow an easy track up to the Elortxiki peak, where we will see a refuge. From this point, we begin the descent. After leaving the Elortxiki peak, our route coincides with the GR-34 until we come to a sharp turn to the right. If we see that we have reached a farmhouse called Urrusti, we must turn round and then climb a little until we find the crossroads. Be careful when descending here because there are sections where the path is not very clear and there is an area where there is a small cut in the way. When we are reaching the bottom, we once again take a part of the local country roadsand, following a path, we reach the starting point.
The trail is marked with the signs of the Trail Station, the red and white markings of the GR-34 section and the yellow dots of the Zegama-Aizkorri marathon. However, for your safety, the use of a GPS is compulsory. The weather can change quickly which could lead to you getting lost in the mist. With snow or in bad weather, some of the markings will not be visible.

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