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Sanctus Tour

From the snow front of the resort, turn left above the gondola lift station and then the chairlift, follow the sports trail. Take the path that climbs on the grassy ridge (red and white markings GR10), cross the bridge over the stream and pass a steeper passage in the forest. Continue on the hillside, leaving the Coste de Goua hut on your left. Don't follow the GR10 which goes up to the Lac d'Anglas but stay on the grassy track towards the Lac d'Uzious (yellow markings, regular cairns). A succession of fairly steep slopes and flat crossings lead you to the rocky outcrop (the waterfall is on your left). Go along the metal pipe on the right while being careful (pipes on the left). The path quickly takes you to the lakes of Uzious and Lavedant which you follow by the left until the pass of Uzious. From the pass, follow the path on the left (yellow markings, regular cairns) then follow the path that goes around the ridge by the right. Follow the few bends that lead you to the crest line of the Sanctus until you reach the summit. Continue along this ridge for a few dozen metres then descend to the right across the ridge to reach the small lake visible from the ridge. The long right bank will take you past the Louesque lakes. An alternation of short rises and valleys takes you to the grassy slopes of the Coste de Goua hut. Walk past this hut and cross the stream. From here, follow the path you took on the outward journey until you return to your starting point.

Route information :

A second departure is also possible from the Cardets car park (departure of the GR10).
Caution : The passage of the rocky spur at the level of the waterfall under the lake of Uzious requires caution. No particular problem in the direction of the ascent and on dry ground.

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land :

So that the herds do not escape, close all the electric fences well and do not damage them!

Also, do not disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your rubbish! Do not cut routes through the meadows, and do not picnic either!


Tip: Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you.

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