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Caroline "Calendula" - Ethnobotanist - Author, lecturer and instructor offers various workshops on edible wild plants. Learn how to identify them, cook them, taste them and enjoy them!
Ethnobotanist, Caroline "Calendula" is a specialist in wild plants and their uses. As a culinary designer, she has written several books on wild plants and their cooking, such as her latest publication: "Cuisiner la nature" (Rustica, 2019). She also passes on her knowledge through conferences and training courses, in the field and in the kitchen. With two of her colleagues, she also created Aventure au Coin du Bois, a small independent publishing house dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and know-how about plants. She is now co-publisher and editor-in-chief. A traveller at heart, Caroline decided to settle in Auris, in the heart of the dazzling wilderness of the Oisans, which she studies by regularly going into the field. She collects traditional local knowledge related to plants and their uses. Caroline has created the Piégut forest discovery trail (accessible from summer 2020) based on a investigation that she conducted among the residents of Auris in 2017 (see § Discovery trail). It was also in Auris that Caroline met Laëtitia Vivot-Diet, a specialist in the mineral world. Both of them are now working on the alliance between minerals and plants, and offer workshops and courses to discover mineral and plant energies. The books she has written are available at her events and in the open shop.
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