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> > > > The "BACK YARD / Last Man Standing" phenomenon arrives in Chartreuse on October 25-27, 2019
In collaboration with our friend Laz, the emblematic organizer of the Barkley and the BACK YARD ULTRA, the "last man standing" racing format is coming to France and the Chartreuse!
A partire da 75€
Del 25 octobre Su 27 octobre

The concept "BACK YARD / Last man standing" is simple:
- run at 7km/hour as long as possible, until there is only one runner left who is then declared the winner.
- The exact pace is 6,704km/hour, which is the exact pace to cover 100 miles in 24 hours (160.4 km/ 24h)

➡️ Concretely:
o all the riders start together for a 6,704km loop, they have a maximum of 1 hour to do it and refuel.
o one hour later a new start is given for the same loop to be made in 1 hour maximum and refuel.
o this as long as it takes until there is only 1 rider left who will then be declared the winner....

- The riders arriving early benefiting from this advance to refuel, rest, sleep a few minutes, and show up again at the start for the new loop at time H. There is therefore a whole strategy of speed or rest to build for the riders... Running at 7km/h is a relatively accessible performance, so the race is both mental and physical...

➡️ Record :
- At this "game", the Swede Johan STEENE holds the best world performance: = 455km = 68h = 2 days and 17h, followed only 1 lap later by the record of the best woman, Courtney Dauwalter.

➡️ Route / home / dates :
- Departure place / arrival / organization :
The departure / arrival area will be at the Saint-Laurent-du-Pont gymnasium, in the heart of the Chartreuse.
Saint-Laurent-du-Pont is located between Voiron, Grenoble, and Chambéry, 1h15 from Lyon, 4h00 from Paris by TGV (Grenoble then bus)).

- Course :
The route will be traced on the banks of the Guiers river towards Entre-Deux-Guiers, round trip or loop, on a very flat course (20m from D+) - which was not obvious in Chartreuse.

- Dates :
o Friday 25 - Saturday 26 - Sunday 27 October
o Departure at noon (12:00 noon) on Friday, October 25
o (school holidays)

- Limited to 100 runners, registration fee 75€.

➡️ Organization for the Chartreuse Back Yard:
- The Chartreuse Back Yard will be organized by the same team as the Chartreuse Terminorum: Benoit Laval, Emmanuel Heyrman, Nicolas Diederichs, Cedric Argoud,

- with the support of the association "Chartreuse Sport Nature", based in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, which already organizes the Chartreuse Terminorum, the Winter Trail, and the Trail Festival.

➡️ The Chartreuse Back Yard Ultra will be part of the worldwide challenge of the "Back Yard Ultra", and will grant a Golden Ticket for the final in the USA from 2020.






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