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> > Sports Talents of the Somme.... Your station in the spotlight!
On February 20, 2018, the Conseil départemental organized the Talents du sport evening to honour sports players in the Somme, in the presence of Stéphane Diagana, former world champion in athletics and consultant for France Télévisions. The ceremony, hosted by Henri Sannier, rewarded your Val de Noye Trail Station and the development of the water body in the Nature Sport category!

February 20, during the evening of Talents du Sport, organized by the Conseil Départemental, the municipality of Ailly sur Noye was awarded the "sport de nature" prize for the development of its water body and, more particularly, the creation of a trail station.


This evening was an opportunity to recall the richness of the Somme territories. "Our department has magnificent assets in terms of landscapes," says Sabrina Holleville-Millat, vice-president of the departmental council.


The Mayor of Ailly sur Noye hopes to attract sports tourists to the Somme. "Nature sport is a factor in tourism development, that's for sure."


"And when you have a territory like yours, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it," concludes Stéphane Diagana, sponsor of the ceremony.


Many thanks to Mr. Jean Willocq and Mr. Guillaume LEPLAT, from the Aillisyan associations Gravity and Gabanou, for their valuable advice and to the Departmental Council for its confidence and for the subsidies it has provided to this program. Without forgetting to thank you, you sportsmen and nature lovers who practiced your activities on our territory and make this project a real success.


Extrait de la cérémonie

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