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> > Run in the Gulf with Ben Kervevan

Benjamin Kervevan is passionate about trail running and specializes in medium distances (30 to 60 km) in the mountains. At 24 years old, this young Vannetais explores France through competition. 

the video is in french 



WHY DO YOU PRACTICE TRAIL ? I've been running since I was 7 years old, and I started trail running to follow my father... Trail running is freedom: no constraints, no schedules, just shorts and a pair of sneakers. It has become a passion: I run early in the morning or in the evening. And then I like to discover new regions in the mountains, on the plains and even in the city.

HOW DOES TRAIL RUNNING WORK? Trail running is above all a nature activity: the objective is to immerse yourself in the landscape, the environment, while respecting it. You also have to keep your time and adapt to the terrain: paths, obstacles, differences in altitude, it's never monotonous... Your mind escapes a little, you even forget the rain. And here, it's a pleasure to be on such a beautiful playground: the sea, the forest, and it's not as flat as you think!

WHERE DO YOU LIKE TO RUN? If I'm looking for elevation changes, I go to La Roche-Bernard; to run in the forest with a bit of hills, I turn to Monterblanc, Grand-Champ, Saint- Avé... And then around the Gulf of Morbihan, just follow the long-distance paths: I start from Port-Blanc and go to Vannes, for a 23 km race.

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