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> > > > "Becoming autonomous in Trail" course in the Vercors
What better way to discover the trail than the Vercors massif? This plateau located at medium altitude is perfect to start running in the mountains and at your own pace. Many small trails, where the race remains easy, cross the plateau through pine groves and high meadows.
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Tik 26 juin ra 27 juin
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This stay is open to all. However, to make the most of your stay, it is preferable to practice running regularly, once or twice a week. No search for performance on these two days, you only enjoy the pleasures of outdoor racing in an exceptional setting.    You are supervised by a mountain guide specialist in trail running and you evolve in small groups. Outings from 4h to 5h per day, counting the breaks. The differences in height are relatively low.    An improvement trail course (level of intensity and technicality of 3/4) will be organized at the same place and on the same dates.    You will also be able to test the products of our partners TSL Outdoor, Atma, Atlet, Meltonic and Sammie.

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26 ra 27juin

Trail improvement course in the Vercors

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26 ra 27juin

"Becoming autonomous in Trail" course in the Vercors

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