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"The trail station at Ailly-sur-Noye offers a multitude of routes and discoveries. We tested it."

Summer is an opportunity to discover the proposed routes starting from the Berny lake. In service for a little over a year, the trail station of Ailly-sur-Noye offers about fifteen routes for all levels, from 6.9 to 36 kilometres, as well as specific workshops (short coast, long coast, VMA). A booming discipline, the trail takes both asphalt roads (a little) and unmotorized roads bordering fields and woods. This new way of running, closer to nature, has developed in mountainous areas. Admittedly, the Val de Noye does not offer the same vertical drop. However, once you get off the municipal roads, you are guaranteed a change of scenery, as well as the feeling of going out into the open air. From the shortest loops, the landscapes extend as far as the eye can see. Those who are unsure of their sense of direction can rest assured: a free mobile phone application ("Trail Station", a mobile extension of the stationdetrail.com website), guides them step by step thanks to geolocation. The only constraint for athletes outside the town and not yet familiar with the Berny lake is to find the starting point, materialized by a panel on which is displayed the map of the numbered courses. A signpost from the Berny road would not be superfluous. Once off, discreet but visible markers indicate the direction to take, using the number of the route chosen on the map at the starting point.

Soon showers and a wifi connection will be available
Clear instructions that allow you to leave the phone at the bottom of your pocket to better enjoy the decor. The trails are well maintained and have a few surprises in store, like when you drive into a hedge and come out a few hundred metres away. Like a perfume of adventure.

Established to develop tourism, the trail resort of Ailly-sur-Noye is the only one of its kind in Picardy. There are only two in the Hauts-de-France, the other being in the Pas-de-Calais. In other words, Ailly-sur-Noye was right to attract joggers or walkers from all over the northern part of France, from the Paris region. The concept also provides that they can shower there before going back on the road. To this end, the sanitary facilities of the old campsite will soon be refurbished. There are already secure lockers and toilets. In the coming months, they should also offer a wifi connection, ideal for downloading the courses on your phone. And what better place to welcome tourists than Berny's lake?


Article du Courrier Picard le 10 Août 2018

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