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Happy winner of the trail trip with Martin Fourcade at the Espace Outdoor of Puigmal Pyrénées Cerdagne, Christelle shares her feedback and gives you her opinion as a trail runner !


  • What do you think of the concept of Trail Running and R-Bikes Resorts ?

The Trail Running Resort concept is a great initiative to practice this discipline on technical terrain in complete safety. It allows everyone to create their own schedule according to their physical capacities or specific training wishes. It allows to have a drop point in many regions of France. I think the same for the R-Bike Resorts for the mountain bike part.


  • How was your trail session with Martin Fourcade ?

 An exceptional moment, he accompanied us with empathy, benevolence and good humour. He had a word for everyone. He took the time to exchange with everyone. The meal part was also very convivial. Beautiful moments immortalised by your photographer. A pleasant surprise with the trail equipment provided by Rossignol; it's always interesting to test products for the experienced trailers that we are.

A very pleasant organisation over the 2 days, the care and welcome from the Com-Com of Saillagouse and the Rossignol Outdoor Experiences team.

Besides it was a good initiative that we could exchange with the PGHM (mountain rescue), it is important to remind everyone that the mountain can be risky when we practice our disciplines of Trail or Mountain bike.


  • With 35 Trail Running Resorts and 21 R-Bikes resorts, what will be your next sport destination ?

I will certainly come back to the Puigmal trail station with the members of the trail section of the LAC Castelnaudary club. Then, I think I will go and discover the one in Bagnères de Luchon and most certainly the one in the Massif d'Aubagne and Etoile that soon open.

For the R-Bikes Resorts, unfortunately I don't have enough time to take advantage of it but I'm going to spread the information about the existence of these resorts which deserve to be known!

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