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As we all heard, during the presentation of the plan to break out of the confinement before the National Assembly on 28 April 2020, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stated: "All individual activities practised in the open air will be authorised from 11 May, nevertheless under specific conditions".

Finally! What good news for all of us, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers!

Before you leave, you can consult all the information on the state of the courses on the website https://stationdetrail.com/fr/ and on the mobile app

But be careful, this recovery will have to take place smoothly and above all in compliance with the government's barrier gestures and instructions. And as it's not always easy to find your way around, here's a summary of the instructions to be followed for our next sports outings!

From May 11th, date of the beginning of the deconfinement, whatever your place of residence, you will be able to practice an individual physical activity, in the open air (in authorized open spaces), without time limit and without need of a certificate, while respecting the barrier gestures to limit the transmission of Covid-19.

How to comply with measures to prevent human-to-human transmission of the virus
Practice only individual outdoor sports activities. These are the only sports that can be allowed in the current state of the epidemic. Nevertheless, remain vigilant in your practice and avoid any accidental behaviour.
Within a radius of 100 km around your home, and in authorized open spaces (e.g. closed parks in the red departments, beaches closed unless authorized by the prefect).
Respecting a physical distance of 10 metres between two athletes (and 1.5 metres laterally).
Wearing a consumer mask is recommended during low- to moderate-intensity exercise. However, it is incompatible with intense exercise, but should be worn just before the start and just after stopping the practice.
Favour the use of personal equipment for sports practice, or failing that, common equipment that has been cleaned and disinfected before and after use.

Tips for resuming sporting activity gently after 8 weeks of reduced activity

For everyone: gradually resume a sporting activity in order to limit the risk of accidents, particularly muscular or joint accidents, as a long period of inactivity is associated with muscle loss and altered deep sensitivity, which increases the risk of falling when travelling quickly or on rough terrain.

For people who have contracted Covid-19, who have been placed in isolation or who have been in contact with confirmed patients: ensure that there are no contraindications to resuming sports activities during a medical consultation to check the integrity of the cardiovascular system and respiratory function.


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