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> > > > Musée du chocolat de Lyon - Sève - MUSCO
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Sève opened Lyon's chocolate museum in true and daring, pioneering and conquering spirit. It l houses the company's new head office and the laboratory that produces its chocolate, from cocoa beans to bars of chocolate. When he bought machines (for roasting, crushing, shelling, degerming, blending, grinding and conching) that date back to the early 20th century, had them updated to comply with modern-day standards, and hired a team of professionals, Richard Sève's aim was to revive the age-old know-how and traditional techniques that are characteristic of every Master Chocolatier's trade. Maison Sève gives its visitors a unique experience: a world of taste, pleasure and sensations that reveal the hidden aspects of a craft in which precision, know-how, innovation and tradition complement each other. A huge window enables visitors to see the chocolate being made, and watch the hypnotic flurry of activity of the machines that produce a unique and delicious product. Permanent and temporary exhibitions explain the origins of cocoa, detail its nutritional value, and demonstrate the art of chocolate tasting. An educational training area is used to dispense pastry-making lessons, chocolate-tasting workshops, and conferences... Visitors can take part in lessons devoted to learning how to make chocolate patisseries in a specially appointed area. In the museum's store, you find all the Master Chocolatier's very latest creations as well as a Barista drinks area.

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