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Clémentine sells culinary and decorative pottery in her workshop-boutique. She sublimates high-temperature earthenware by combining the rustic character of the raw clay with the softness of enamel.
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I graduated from the Provence School of Ceramics and work with different coloured stoneware and porcelain, which I organise into collections. I mainly shape my pieces on the lathe in small batches or one-off pieces. They are then fired a first time before I apply the enamel-based decorations I have made by myself. A second firing at 1280°C completes the manufacturing process, creating pieces that are unalterable and dishwasher and microwave safe. A part of my production made with a highly refractory clay can also be used in traditional ovens. Being very pragmatic, most of my production is geared towards utilitarian objects that make your everyday life more pleasant each time you use them! Inspired by the exceptional environment that surrounds me and following my instinct, a little "natural" touch is added to each of my creations. Take pot luck and come into my workshop.
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