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> > > > Sport osteopathy - LÊ QUANG Stéphane
Socios> Sport osteopathy - LÊ QUANG Stéphane
Just like sports professionals, get ready for your next challenges or book a specific treatment after a day's cycling, hiking or skiing...
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As a qualified Sport Osteopath®, I offer sports preparation and recovery, together with a range of treatments, including osteopathy, Tecar Therapy, K-Taping, Strapping, massage, micro-nutrition and phytotherapy. Follow the major professional sports teams who come to the Oisans roads and slopes to train, and benefit from the same treatment, the same advice and new technology, such as Winback Tecar Therapy© and K-Taping. Tecar Therapy uses low-intensity electric currents to speed up the natural regeneration of muscle tissue, providing better recovery, muscle relaxation and an antalgic action. K-Taping or neuromuscular taping is characterised by its bright colours (blue, pink, black and beige). It has a toning or de-toning action on a muscle or group of muscles, as well as draining oedema and helping with re-education and recovery.
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