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Trail running without portage in a hotel or in a gîte 6 days, 5 nights, 5 days of trail
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Dare to run across the Chartreuse! This secret massif with its many faces will surprise you with the variety of terrain encountered (tracks, paths, air and/or technical passages, etc.). The route will take you from Grenoble to Chambéry through several peaks, with a stop at Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, in the heart of the massif. This will be an opportunity to discover the Trail Running Station, the first structure in France 100% dedicated to Trail.

From the summits to the key, the magical discovery of the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse, the wild beauty of the Highlands, the Valley of the Entremonts, the encounters: no doubt in Chartreuse there is a particular atmosphere. This crossing is ideal with stages of great diversity, in a preserved environment. Your luggage is transported independently and you will find it every evening. The only carrying of a backpack during the day allows you to fully enjoy this itinerary from the high places of the Dauphiné to the capital of the Duchy of Savoy.

Day 01: Arrival at your first accommodation in Grenoble (210 m) in the late afternoon, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 02: After climbing the first slopes leading to the Fortress of the Bastille, the route becomes forest to Mount Jallat (895 m). The vegetation is almost Mediterranean and you can even hear the cicadas. A gentle downhill crossing then leads to the Col de Vence (764 m), the gateway to the Chartreuse. It is then a succession of beautiful bends that lead to the Fort du St Eynard (1310 m), the terminus of the first major ascent of the day. The view of the Vercors, the Belledonne chain and the Oisans is most impressive. After a horizontal passage on the ridge, the route plunges into the village of Sappey en Chartreuse (998 m). A regular climb then leads to the Col de Porte (1326 m).

Height difference: + 1730 m, - 610 m Length: 21 km Hiking schedule: 8 h 30 mn

Day 03: Even if it is not in the line of the Crossing, it is essential to tackle the ascent of Chamechaude (2082 m), the highest point of the massif. From this lookout, you will learn to familiarize yourself with the peaks and valleys of the Chartreuse. We discover the extent of the Chartreuse Highlands and further on, the Vercors and Belledonne massifs. In addition, we can almost guarantee you the presence of very familiar yellow-billed chocards at the top. Once back down to the Col de Porte, a wooded ridge leads you to the tranquility of the Charming Som mountain pastures (1669 m). We advise you to climb the summit of the Charming Som (1867 m), from where you discover the valley of the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse. The descent into the limestone of the Dalles du Charmant Som, gives you superb views of St Pierre de Chartreuse, the end of your stopover. This commune is one of the most wooded in France and forest exploitation plays a predominant role.

Height difference: + 1610 m, - 2050 m Length: 27 km Hiking schedule: 9 h 30 mn

Day 04: This day is to be composed as you wish, to discover the St Pierre de Chartreuse Trail Station, its equipment and its network of routes. The access pass to all services is included in your stay.

For example, you can enjoy the visit (included in your stay) of the Correrie du Monastère de la Grande Chartreuse. This museum traces the history and austere life of the Carthusian monks, who have been present in this place for more than nine centuries (the monastery cannot be visited).

Day 05: This is the wildest stage of the week, as it takes place in the heart of the Réserve des Hauts de Chartreuse. Under the forest canopy, you reach a balcony route above the valley of Guiers Mort and finish the ascent to the Col de Bellefond (1902 m), from where you can discover the entire Highlands, from the Dent de Crolles to the Granier. You then head for the heart of the Aulp du Seuil mountain pasture and reach the Habert de la Dame (habert = sheepfold). The descent into the forest ends in the famous Cirque de St Même (859 m) or in the village of St Pierre d'Entremont.

Height difference: + 1270 m, - 1030 m Length: 23 km Hiking schedule: 8 h 30 mn

Day 06: St Pierre d'Entremont has the particularity of being located in two departments. This dates back to the time when the village was divided between the Kingdom of France and the Duchy of Savoy. At the bridge over the Guiers Vif, you leave France for Savoy and, from village to village, you walk through this valley, dotted with numerous pastures, to go up the Cozon Valley to Entremont Le Vieux. You have the possibility to visit (at your own expense) the Cave Bear Museum. It is above the village that the "Balme à Collomb" cave was recently discovered, a very important deposit of ursus spelaeus, dating back more than 25 000 years. At Les Granges de Joigny (1185 m), you take a last look at Chamechaude, which has been your landmark all week and leave the Entremonts valley at Pointe de la Gorgeat (1485 m). A pastoral itinerary allows you to make the long descent to the heart of the city of Chambéry with only a few roads. You find your luggage.

Arrival at Chambéry TGV station around 6pm.

Height difference: + 1100 m, - 1700 m Length: 30 km Hiking time: 9 h

The schedules were calculated for a rhythm of 300 meters of difference in altitude per hour in ascent, 500 meters per hour in descent and 4 km per hour on the flat, in order to be able to compare the different hikes with the same base. They only concern the effective walking, all meal times, breaks or contemplation are to be added.

It is obvious that these schedules have been calculated for hikers and are to be adapted for runners. We can consider that an average runner will cover twice the difference in altitude and length in one hour and therefore that

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