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The Goierri region welcomes you to its many villages. Its natural authenticity and Spanish charm will seduce you!

Base d’accueil de Zegama-Anduetza. Station de trail Pays Basque, Gipuzkoa

Anduetza Baserria / San Bartolome, 13. 20215 Zegama
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The Goierri region is made up of 18 localities, the most famous and populated of which are Beasain, Ordizia and Lazkao. Its proximity to San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria, its wide range of accommodation and restaurants and the authenticity of the destination make it the ideal place for 3 to 5 day getaways.

Gastronomy, nature and culture are the three main attractions of Goierri, a region that captivates sports enthusiasts, couples wishing to "disconnect" in a quiet place, and tourists who want to know the rural areas around San Sebastian.

The Goierri Nature Reserves host particularly important sporting events:

- Zegama-Aizkorri Mountain Marathon: an event that counts for the World Cup and is attended by media from 30 different countries; for the 225 bibs available more than 8500 applications are received.

- Ehunmillak Ultratrail: 167 km race organized over 2 days and which brings together 400 national and international runners.

- Goierriko bi Haundiak: 88 km race over one day, with 500 national riders.

- Marimurumendi maratoia: mountain marathon integrated into the weekend of the 2 ultras, allowing all runners to participate.
Goierri also has the first Trail Station in Spain, which extends to the neighbouring town of Tolosaldea. A marked and equipped area for mountain runners of all levels.

Practical information:

Opening hours of the reception base:

From March to June and from October to December:

Monday to Friday: from 10am to 2pm

Saturday: from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm

Sundays and public holidays: from 10am to 2pm

From July to September / Easter / May 6 to 17:

Monday to Saturday: from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm

Sundays and public holidays: from 10am to 2pm

  • Shower price: 2,3€
  • Fitness price: 5,8 €


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