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Tour of Gabizos

A marathon in the heart of the mountains. The itinerary follows the "Marathon du Gabizos" organised by Les Esclops du Val d'Azun.

A majestic round trip between Gourette and Arrens interspersed with lakes, passes and trails that are just waiting for your stride.

Itinerary information :

Departure is also possible from Arrens
It is possible to organise repatriations and ravitos in Gourette or Arrens.

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land :

So that the herds do not escape, close all the electric fences well and do not damage them!

Also, do not disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your rubbish! Do not cut routes through the meadows, and do not picnic either!


Tip: Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you.


Latest times

Date Runner Time
Ven. 21 aoû. 2020 mh_d2o98xowez92h4aooqrfowm 10:19:04
Mar. 13 aoû. 2019 mh_870h0tpguwlpv8srpiokk08 0:36:31
Mar. 13 aoû. 2019 mh_870h0tpguwlpv8srpiokk08 0:00:47
Dim. 09 juin 2019 mh_p0nkap0iw77oe0s2hgl8i1c 0:00:49
Lun. 09 juil. 2018 mh_2g833hgs9o0dhzfivce3fym 0:00:40

Advice on the trail running route


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