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> > > > Ski touring from Champhorent et Les Étages
Partnerships> Ski touring from Champhorent et Les Étages
The roads to La Bérarde, which is a trip in itself, goes right to the heart of the Ecrins and, once the weather allows the snow plough through, provides access to a dizzying number of routes, opportunities and trips.
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Follow the Vallon du Lavey along from Champhorent. Once you're there, you'll never want to leave! On the other hand, there are few routes in the Vallon des Etages, dominated by the Pointe du Vallon des Etages, but it is unspoiled and attracts very few skiers: the reward for a long approach before finding yourself at the foot of the steep slopes! SUGGESTIONS FOR SKI-TOURING from (St-Christophe-en-Oisans) > Classic day routes : - Col de Clot Châtel (3243 m) + 1660 m Once out of the narrow section at about 1800 m, the view over the valley will give you the energy to reach the steep part of the col. The descent is very pleasant, allowing you to alternate between wide curves and tight turns on a very playful slope. WITH A NIGHT IN A HUT > From refuge de la Lavey (1797 m) + 400 m : - Col sud de l'Etret (3342 m) + 1550 m - Tête des Fétoules (3459 m) + 1670 m - Col de la Lavey (3303 m) + 1500 m - Col de la Muande (3103 m) + 1300 m - Les Rouies (3589 m) + 1800 m - Brèche de l’Olan (2970 m) + 1250 m - Col d'entre Pierroux (3168 m) + 1400 m - Brèche Pierre Turc (3002 m) + 1250 m - Couloir Maximin (3230 m) + 1500 m - Couloir en “S” (3220 m) + 1580 m - Versant est du Bec du Canard (3268 m) + 1470 m PRACTICAL INFORMATION > Getting supplies: Bar/restaurant in St-Christophe. > Accommodation: Gîtes and rooms in St-Christophe. VENEON SECTOR Once you have entered the Vénéon valley, you will be enchanted for life, as it's a real goldmine for ski-touring. Opportunities appear endless and the beauty of the surrounding scenery often makes skiers stop on their way down to admire the views… This is the homeland of Père Gaspard, who first climbed the Meije in 1877. The valley can sometimes look harsh, but it has a soft heart that skiers need to take time to discover. Once the iconic road to La Bérarde opens up, day-routes spring up all through the valley, with high-altitude routes located at the end of the valley. There are a plethora of routes starting from mountain huts. To follow are some ideas to get you started, but you'll quickly discover that ski-touring in the Vénéon is like eating peanuts, once you've started you can't stop. So it's up to you to join routes together, work out trips over several days basing yourself at one or more mountain huts. Skis start shivering in delight once you enter Père Gaspard's homeland. /!\ IMPORTANT Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines:
Source: APIDAE

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