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Partnerships> Anne Mangin
Anne Mangin produces Oisans honey, which she mainly sells directly to her customers. As well as beekeeping, she also grows small quantities of saffron. She likens herself to a shepherd of beekeeping, with her hands firmly on the ground.
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Anne has been interested in beekeeping for a number of years and her enthusiasm was sparked when she learnt more about these half-wild half-domesticated insects in the Cévennes. Wildlife is in decline and, as we all know, bees are an integral part of the extensive chain of ecosystems. It is believed that bees appeared at the same time as angiosperms that produce nectar and pollen. The pollinating activity of domestic bees means that beekeeping has an essential and decisive role in the global ecology of flowering plants. Bees also have a fascinating colony organisation, with each bee depending on other individuals within a system where complex communication mechanisms decide the division of tasks and ensure social cohesion. It is important for Anne to combine looking after insects and crops, as they are complementary activities with separate peak periods. Anne markets for products locally or via pre-arranged visits. PRODUCTS - mountain honey - saffron - saffron-flavoured elderberry cordial - saffron honey SALES OUTLETS - Auris en Oisans: 8 à 8 minimarket - At Les Chatains, please telephone ahead - Markets, fairs and direct sales LABELS - Member of the Oisans "Route des Savoir-Faire". - "Producteurs de l'Oisans" mark
Source: APIDAE

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