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Trailounet - Vallouise

GREEN route starting from Vallouise, Huttopia campsite

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From Vallouise the warm-up takes place in the meadows behind the cemetery and then you go up to the upper part of La Casse.

Nice view on the plain of Vallouise, the massif des Bans, a nice path crosses towards the top of the Champarie; still crossing you take a path along a canal and you go down towards the big Parcher. Take the road to go down to the foot of the Grand Parcher, you cross the Gyronde and you go on the right to return to Vallouise.

It is essential to respect the work of the farmers, operators and owners who welcome us on their land.

In order that the herds do not escape, close all the fences tightly.
Bring back all your garbage,
Don't cut routes through the meadows.

Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you on all the routes.

Latest times

Date Runner Time
Dim. 30 aoû. 2020 Philippe C. 3:34:59
Dim. 26 juil. 2020 johan v. 2:45:37
Sam. 18 juil. 2020 frederic h. 1:03:07
Mar. 13 aoû. 2019 mh_j33ttgtq0dcgllkk6ytbtzx 0:57:45
Lun. 12 aoû. 2019 mh_jxfx43ygfqzdarc7113mym0 0:55:21
Ven. 09 aoû. 2019 mh_4z5gzm21zs1clqkd0h5rrlp 0:56:08
Jeu. 08 aoû. 2019 mh_4z5gzm21zs1clqkd0h5rrlp 0:58:25
Sam. 27 juil. 2019 mh_v9why1038ltnwmlb69rh6os 1:13:08
Mer. 17 juil. 2019 mh_uhsf6msr2neuujxn56zh1vw 0:00:40
Mar. 16 juil. 2019 mh_2042zwvse5s1gtmqcvb8pjd 1:28:01
Lun. 16 juil. 2018 mh_y51ovqyr63gs4irr1517wkw 0:49:05
Mer. 11 juil. 2018 mh_y51ovqyr63gs4irr1517wkw 0:57:55
Jeu. 14 juin 2018 mh_7m09row58loh110auey0ivw 0:00:02
Jeu. 14 juin 2018 mh_7m09row58loh110auey0ivw 0:03:27
Lun. 11 sept. 2017 Anthony A. 0:57:16

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