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This itinerary is part of one of the most significant places in the municipality of La Pobla de Lillet and the EIN Serra del Catllaràs.

The whole itinerary proposed runs through the Sierra de Falgars to the southeast of the municipality of La Pobla. Due to its distance and the accumulated difference, the route is suitable for all types of mountain runners.
From the village center to the Falgars Sanctuary, the route presents a positive accumulated unevenness of more than 500 meters in just over 4 km away. The first section of this ascent is characterized by a progressive rise of about 3 km and an accumulated unevenness of just over 300 meters. The second section, with a much more steep climb, winds through the forests of the mountain range to the Falgars Sanctuary. The technical profile of this second section is characterized by having 1 km away and saving a positive elevation of 200 meters.

From this point and having reached the highest elevation of the itinerary, the route takes a descending path through the same Sierra de Falgars to La Pobla de Lillet.

The initial section of the route coincides fully with the return route to the municipality of La Pobla de Lillet.

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