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Happy winner of the trail trip with Martin Fourcade at the Espace Outdoor du Puigmal Pyrénées Cerdagne, Elodie shares with you her feedback and gives you her opinion as a sportswoman!

  • What do you think of the Trail Running  R-Bikes Resort ?

    I find the Trail Runing and R-Bikes Resort concept interesting, the signposting of the routes can encourage a certain public to get out more easily and build confidence. It also gives ideas for holiday or weekend destinations!
    On the other hand, I found that the mountain bike routes and the R-Bikes application are not yet fully developed, sometimes there is a lack of indications on the ground.


  • How was your trail trip with Martin Fourcade?

    My experience with Martin was really great! He was charming, available and accessible, both during the outing and during the meal. Many thanks to him for giving us his time :-)

  • With 35 Trail Running Resort and 20 R-Bikes Resorts in France, what will be your next sports destination in the network?

    I have several ideas for my next destination. For the resorts close to my home, I would like to go to Villard de Lans-Vercors, in the Chartreuse, and in the Jura .
    For the more distant ones, I would like to go back to Puigmal, to go to Corsica-Castagniccia or to the Golfe du Morbihan with a preference where it is possible to practise trail and mountain bike.


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