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> > Attention, opening of the hunt soon!
From 16 September 2018 to 28 February 2019 inclusive, hunting will be open in our department. Trailers, hikers, walkers, mushroom gatherers must therefore share the wooded areas and plains with hunters. Here are some precautions to take to avoid accidents.

What if you hear gunshots, dogs barking, hunters, etc.?
If you hear clues that a hunt is in progress or that hunters are in the vicinity:

 Chasseurs et randonneurs

Try to make your presence known to hunters by trying not to disturb the hunt.
Let yourself be seen by putting yourself in a clear place, don't hide.
Make your voice heard by talking eventually. Be respectful and avoid making too much noise anyway.
Once a hunter (or several hunters) has seen you, go and meet him to find out more (see section below).
Hunters and hikersIn the case of a hunt, the procedure is the same. If the hunt is on and the dogs are barking, gather together (if you are in a group) and stay where you are until it goes away (which is usually fast).

The noise dogs make during a hunt can be impressive, but don't worry, they are unlikely to confuse you with game.

Note: Do not confuse rifle shots with hail cannon detonations or similar - you can always look for hunters, you will not find them.

What if we see one or more hunters?

Chasse et randonnée
If you see a hunter (or several) and he has not seen you, try to report your presence and then go and meet him.

Then ask him with courtesy and a smile:

Where the hunting takes place.
If there are other hunters.
If there are areas to avoid and areas where you can go quietly.
How long it will last.
Basically, ask him/her for all the information necessary for a safe cohabitation.

What if you come across a sign indicating a hunt in progress?
Hunting and hikingIn some areas, signs are used to indicate that a hunt is in progress. This is often the case on trails that cross the hunting area, hence the importance of staying on trails in "at risk" areas. If you "come across" such a sign, I advise you not to go any further at the risk of finding yourself in the middle of a hunt.

It can be frustrating, especially since it is sometimes difficult to predict, but it is your safety that is at stake. If you have the opportunity to see a hunter, ask him for more information (if he is not in action).

Otherwise, turn around or try to find an alternative to continue your journey. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of knowing how to orient yourself and how to take with you what you need to do (map, GPS Trail Station Application, etc.) even if you follow a marked route.


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