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> > > > Les Trails de la Vésubie
A trail domain par excellence, Saint-Martin-Vésubie, the first trail resort in the Southern Alps, will host 4 events from 12 to 70 km! Borrowing from sections of the trail station, these pure mountain trails combine the most beautiful features in this area, from mountain pastures to thorny forests, to summits offering magnificent panoramic views.
Vom 14 juin bis 16 juin
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70 km
70 km long trail with a 5,000 m difference in altitude at the gates of the Mercantour National Park, taking numerous paths on the ridge via the Cime du Pisset and the Boréon, culminating in Mont Archas at an altitude of 2,526 m and Mont Pépoiri at 2,674 m. 

45 km
Trail of 45 km for 3 100 m of difference in altitude along the Mercantour National Park, taking numerous paths on the ridge via the Madonna of Fenestre, the Boréon, and the Colmiane with the highest point being Mount Archas at 2 526 m altitude. 

25 km
Discovery trail of 25 km for 1,400 m of altitude difference with the summit of Caïre Gros at an altitude of 2,087 m as the highest point.

12 km La Vésubienne (+rando)
Here is a 12 km race for 800 m of altitude difference in order to learn about the pleasures of trail riding in high mountains and accessible to the greatest world. Small distance, less altitude difference but breathtaking landscapes guaranteed! 

How to get there:
Take the A8 motorway, exit at Nice-Saint Isidore, then take the Grenoble road north. After Saint-Martin-du-Var, take the Vésubie valley to Saint-Martin-Vésubie. Departure area on the central square of the village.

Organization contact:
Azur Sport Organisation (ASO)


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