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> > > > Tour of the Pic du Midi d’Ossau (short)
Tour of the Pic du Midi d’Ossau (short)

The short version of the tour of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. This variant can also be interesting if you feel the need to return earlier once you have left on the long version. The start is on the left bank of the lake of Fabrèges, at the foot of the KMV 500.

You can also start from the Base d'Accueil and join the departure located on the other bank of the Lac de Fabrèges.

In terms of orientation, the elementary rules of mountain evolution apply, such as not hesitating in case of doubt about the itinerary to stop and observe.

Three passages require vigilance:

- after passing the Cherue hut, and facing the Pic Lavigne (right hand), two passes appear. Aim for the one on the right (the col de Lavigne). A beacon on a post has been installed there.

- When you arrive opposite the Magnabaigt pastoral hut, occupied in summer by shepherds (and their dogs), leave it on your left and go straight down, aiming at the two large, clearly visible rocks. Pass between the two (beacon visible) and join the path that will lead you to the lake of Bious.

- When you arrive on the south face of the Ossau, two passes are open to you (Peyreget and Iou). Leave the small lake on your left and take the path that goes to the right (visible marker), towards the Iou pass, then the Soum de Pombie pass.

For the rest, enjoy!

WARNING On this route, the traditional beacons of the Trail station are modified to adapt to the Pyrenees National Park beaconing charter. They are smaller and yellow and green in colour.

These routes are located in the heart of the National Park. We ask you to respect the National Park's instructions scrupulously.

Our presence here is exceptional, just like the environment you will be passing through, our conduct must be irreproachable.

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land:

So that the herds don't escape, close all the electric fences well and don't damage them!

Also, do not disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your rubbish! Do not cut routes through the meadows, and do not picnic either! Dogs, even on a leash, are not allowed.


Tip: Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you.

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