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Le Champ Massot

After descending to the bottom of the Station (La Diat), you will reach the slope under the Grand Som by making a sustained climb to Sous Roche Cla (400m+ in 2.5km). You then switch to a forest track (go down to the right the 1st time you cross it!) leading to the foot of the Col des Aures trail, towards the Col du Cucheron (optional, view of the Entremonts valley). At Champ Massot, you cross the road, and return to the balcony on the side of La Scia. At Le Mollard, you can access the Rosary Chapel with a beautiful view of the village and the whole resort. Leaving the chapel, you follow the path of the Lovers then a short but steep descent back to the reception base.

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Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land:

Do not cut routes across the prairies. Some routes use snowshoe routes, on which runners are welcome. On the other hand, for routes passing near cross-country ski slopes, it is strictly forbidden to use the groomed slopes.

To prevent herds from escaping, close all electric fences tightly (and do not damage them).

Also, don't disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your garbage! Do not cut routes across the prairies, do not picnic either!

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