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> > > > TRAIL DES GROTTES 2020
The Historical Site of the Caves of St. Christopher offers you a trail through historical and geological time: you can choose between two distances 19 and 9 km, or hike the route.
Die 12 avril
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The technical and varied courses will allow you to discover the surroundings of the site, with the Sardinian way, the Roman bridge, the balconies of the Guiers, the playful paths of the wood of the Ravoire and of course the exceptional crossing of the caves of St Christophe!

We also offer you refreshments during the race and at the finish, welcome coffee, and our good mood!!!

A home-made meal is proposed to you on reservation.

Menu :
Starter : Lentil salad
Dish: Diot Polenta
Dessert: Caramel Cream
Complimentary drinks (tea-coffee/glass of red/rosé/juice etc...)
Meals at 12€ . Don't forget to book your meals:

Practical information :
Meeting point at the reception of the St Christophe caves site (ladder tunnel)


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