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We can describe this itinerary in three different stages.

The first one with a very steep climb over 4 km with 630 m of D+ through the Sierra Pigota at 1460 meters

From this point, begins the second section of 6.5 km and 300m of D+ with a maximum altitude of 1 270m, which is characterized by a more irregular profile that alternates ascents and descents in height through the area of Ardericó and Montclús.

The third and last section of this route is a steep and moderate descent to the starting point, at La Pobla de Lillet.


Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you on all the routes.

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Sam. 19 déc. 2020 Gregorio R. 6:30:45
Dim. 26 juil. 2020 Albert P. 2:29:28
Dim. 26 juil. 2020 Albert P. 0:00:12
Sam. 04 juil. 2020 Tim M. 2:21:38

Meinungen über die Laufstrecke

I ran the trail the opposite way, having the milder side to climb and the steepest to descent. I'd recommend running it that way as well as the steep part is largely on small single tracks having many rocks and stones, making it very technical. Gives it a fun edge to run down! Overall, the majority of the trail is not on single tracks but on wider paths giving access to MTBs, trucks and motorbikes. This route seems to not have been used in a while: many overgrown tracks and poor signalization on certain parts. I lost about 45 mins between km 7 and 8 (9-10 if you follow the route as mentioned above) because of that, and a few times in the last 5 km as well. I'd definitely recommend using a gpx on your device. Very nice environment and views nevertheless, and I would recommend this trail for beginning trails runners (like myself) to challenge yourself on the ascends with a reasonable distance.

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