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A unique markup in all Trail Running Stations®

VYou will find in all Trail Running Stations®  the same specific markup, which will quickly become familiar to you. These are beacons on which the numbers of the corresponding trail routes are pasted. The color of the number corresponds to the difficulty of the trail routes (green / blue / red / black, as for skiing).

Panneau de balisage trail running - course à pied de nos stations de trail

A markup in our colours

Frequency of beacons

Directional beacons are affixed to each major intersection, almost all the time on directional hiking poles. In the absence of such poles, beacons are placed where the terrain permits (other poles, rocks,...).

So pay attention at each crossroads.

Entre les balises

Type de balisage GR trail running course à pied

Between two Trail Running Stationl® beacons, you must follow the classic markings (yellow, or white and red if you are on a GR). The two markings complement each other to facilitate your progress.

La fréquence des balises

The density of the signs depends on the configuration of the trail. To avoid any proliferation of signs, we take care to implant only what is essential for the safety of the walker (discretion and efficiency!). A trail in the forest, well laid out, without forks or crossroads, requires only one sign, well placed, every 250 to 300 m to "reassure" the hiker. A trail interspersed with skid trails, a thatched trail of herd trails, a path through rocks, require tighter signage. Regardless of the trail's condition, however, the signs are easily visible to the trailer and the chosen location must be pruned. If you come across a beacon without a number on a course, it indicates the direction to follow.

If you notice damaged or missing beacons, don't hesitate to let us know by email: contact@stationdetrail.com or via the Trail® Stations mobile application (on the route guidance page, the Attention icon allows you to report any anomaly encountered on the route in a geolocated way).

Specific cases

Some resort present special cases: the Trail Running Station® tags can be replaced by paint marks or by tags with a different graphic charter (e. g. National Parks Charter).

The waypoint operation remains the same as on other courses.

You will find more details on the particular markings, in the topos of the concerned courses.

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