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> > > > Kilomètre Vertical Argentière la Bessée
Kilomètre Vertical Argentière la Bessée

New KMV from Argentière-la Bessée !

It is part of the 2020 KMV Challenge.

The start of this route is at the Argentière la Bessée roundabout where a Francis Turbine is on display (located 500m from the roundabout of the station towards Gap).

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The definition of "Vertical Kilometre" is simple: 1000 metres of vertical drop over a short distance, the steeper the slope, the more difficult the KV is!

This KV offers you 1053m of positive vertical drop for 6 km of distance. It is a Vertical Kilometer of difficult level within the Trail Station of the Pays des Ecrins. The itinerary uses paths and small lanes at the beginning of the route to get out of the city. It then follows a monotrack trail that reaches the summit of Les Têtes at 2025m.

Marks are positioned every 200m of difference in altitude on the route, they are used as landmarks during your ascent or to carry out your training by splitting up the climb.

The descent is on the same route as the ascent.

Climbing Speed (VA) : if you do a KmV in 1 hour, your VA will be 1000 m / hour. This VA will be higher if you are in better shape and if the slope is steep.

The definition of the Vertical Kilometre: 1,000 metres of gradient over the shortest possible distance 

Objectives :
The objectives of this type of training is to increase your ability to make long efforts on slopes and to increase your ascent speed by doing training in long and very long intervals. This will allow you to go faster during the long climbs of classic Trails and KV competitions which are becoming increasingly popular.

To prevent herds from escaping, close all fences tightly.
Bring back all your garbage,
Don't cut routes through the meadows.


Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you on all the routes.

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